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Have you and your partner been tested for STIs? Be safe and #TakeTheTest before starting a family

Have you and your partner been tested? A lot of us think that STIs don’t apply to us and never will. We’re “too clean”, “haven’t had enough sexual partners”, or “aren’t ‘sleazy’ enough”. When in fact, the most hygienic, and ‘un-sleazy’ person can become infected with an STI after partaking in a single sexual act – even if it’s their first!

Sexual health is crucially important and something that we should all keep on top of, but never is your sexual health more imperative than when the time comes to start a family and you are no longer the only one at risk. Many STIs can pose a serious threat to your baby’s health during development, delivery, and even after birth. Taking this into consideration, plus the fact that many STIs are symptom-free, it’s time to #TakeTheTest if you’re planning on starting a family.


Chlamydia is one of the better known STIs, yet many people don’t understand the risks it presents during pregnancy. New-borns who are exposed to chlamydia are at risk of serious eye infections and pneumonia. Even more worryingly, the possibility of a miscarriage and premature delivery is increased significantly.


A very common STI, gonorrhoea symptoms, can cause vaginal discharge, burning while passing urine, and abdominal pain if present during pregnancy. Similar to the risks associated with chlamydia, the chance of a mother miscarrying or having a preterm delivery is higher with an untreated gonorrhoea infection present. What’s more, an active infection during child birth can result in the baby developing blindness, joint infection, or a life threatening blood infection.


Syphilis is harder to identify than other STIs, diagnosed most effectively using a swab from a sore or blister instead of a urine sample, and is easily passed from a mother to her unborn child. Infants can be premature and victim to a serious infection that can be fatal. If those risks weren’t bone-chilling enough – new-borns that survive syphilis often develop problems in various organs including their brain, heart, and eyes.


Herpes infections differ in that they are relatively risk free until labour. Contact between mother and baby during delivery however can pass the incurable STI onto the new-born. As a result, many women infected with herpes have a caesarean section to prevent the risk of transmission.

The Randox Confidante home STI test kit allows you and your partner to safeguard your unborn baby from the comfort of your own home; testing simultaneously for 10 STIs, including both the above common infections and those that are less well known. When your STI test kit arrives, collect a urine/swab sample, post your samples back using the pre-paid envelopes provided, and receive your confidential results within 7 days.


If your worreid abourt your seual health or your partner is, get confidante so you’ll know that your safe because been tested, don’t let the question have you and your partner been tested hang over you!

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