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How it works

How it works: Confidante is specifically designed to be straightforward to use, with all you need included in our discreetly packaged kit. We have made the entire process as convenient as possible with pre-paid envelopes, user-friendly instructions and more to ensure a simple, hassle-free process. Confidante is a product designed and made by Randox Health. Read below how it works!

Simple straight forward process


Buy Online

Purchase your test kit with confidence. Transactions are handled safely & securely


Register Kit

Register your kit online once it arrives. You must do this to receive your results


Collect & Post

Take a urine / swab sample & post back to us using the pre-paid envelope provided


Receive Results

Your confidential results will be available 7 working days from receipt of your sample

What will arrive?

The Confidante test kit will arrive in a discreet box, posted to your specified address. Alternatively you can buy in store. The kit will include everything you need to take a urine or swab sample and return it by post to our testing laboratory.

Online orders are delivered using Royal Mail 1st Class or by courier. In either case, there will be no indication on the outer packaging as to the contents of your order – including the return address, so the postman won’t know what is inside – ensuring privacy every step of the way.

The box will include:

  1. User instructions leaflet
  2. Sample collection tube containing transport solution (Two)
  3. Urine collection pot
  4. Swab – for use on symptomatic lesions only
  5. Transport tube for returning sample to laboratory (Two)
  6. Small, sealable plastic bag
  7. Test order form with a tear off slip containing your Unique Reference Number
  8. Postage-paid, pre-addressed return envelope for sending the sample to Randox Laboratories for testing

The Confidante test is made to be quick and easy to use, with no technical jargon, making it extremely convenient. Once you send your sample to us, our laboratory will do all the work. Results will be clear and easy to understand and sent directly to you via phone or email as chosen by you.

How to take your sample

Now that you have received your test kit, all you need to do is follow the instructions to take your sample. Instructions are clear and easy to follow, presented in a step by step guide.

Most STIs have an incubation period following a sexual encounter. We therefore advise you to wait at least 14 days before taking the test unless you are displaying symptoms such as blisters, lesion or discharge.

We provide two options for sample provision:

  1. Urine: This sample type is advised for most cases. You are advised to take a urine sample if you are experiencing symptoms such as: pain during urination or sexual intercourse, unusual discharge from the penis/vagina, or if you are experiencing no symptoms at all.
  2. Swab: If you have any blisters or sores on the genital area, a swab sample of the fluid within the suspicious sore is advised.

You will only need to take one type of sample – urine or swab. However if a lesion or a blister swab is taken, also provide a urine sample.

Confidante is suitable for use by both males and females.


Before collecting your sample:

  1. Thoroughly wash and dry your hands
  2. Remove all items from the box and place on a clean, dry and flat surface
  3. Unscrew the cap from the blue-topped sample tube (Item A). Place carefully onto a flat surface to avoid spillage.
  4. Choose to collect either a urine or swab sample and follow the instruction pathway for your sample type.

Collecting your sample:

You should collect your sample first thing in the morning when it is most concentrated.

  1. Remove the Urine Collection cup (Item B). Urinate into the cup until it is half full.
  2. Pour the sample into the Sample Tube (Item A). Fill to approx. 2cm from the top of the tube.
  3. Tightly screw on the cap to avoid any spillage
  4. Thoroughly wash and dry your hands


  1. Remove the Swab (Item C) & tear open the sterile packaging.
  2. Rub the tip of the swab against the blisters or sores for 5 seconds ensuring you get some liquid onto the swab.
  3. Insert the swab into the Sample Tube submerging the tip into the solution. The handle of the swab has a break point mid-way down. Holding the tube, gently snap off the protruding part of the handle.
  4. Tightly screw the cap to avoid any leakage during transport
  5. Thoroughly wash and dry your hands

Returning your sample

Once you have taken either your urine or swab sample, all that’s left to do is return your test to our laboratories for testing.

  1. At the top of the Test Order Form there are two removable adhesive labels. Affix one of these labels to your sample tube. Leave the other in place on the Test Order Form.
  2. Remove push-fit cap from the Transport Tube (Item D). Place your full Sample Tube into the Transport Tube. Do not remove the absorbent material from the tube.
  3. Replace the push-fit cap of the Transport Tube; place the Transport Tube into the small plastic bag and seal.
  4. Complete the Test Order Form with your details, ensuring you write clearly in block capitals.
  5. Choose the method you would like to receive your results: Email or Phone.
  6. Tear off and keep the verification slip as it is your record of your Unique Reference Number (URN) and will be required for you to receive your results.
  7. Once the Test Order Form is completed, place it inside the postage-paid return envelope, along with the plastic sealable bag containing the Transport Tube.
  8. Seal the envelope and post it in a normal letter box as soon as possible. The sample should be posted on the same day that you produce it.

Receiving your results

When you have taken your sample and returned to us using the postage-paid return envelope, our dedicated laboratory will then analyse your sample, testing for 10 different STIs. Testing for 10 STIs from a single sample allows us to provide you with a comprehensive profile of your sexual health, giving you more information to take the required action.  You will also receive a guide with your kit to show you how it works.

We ensure confidentiality and security at every step of the process and particularly when communicating your test results. We will never share your information or results with any other party. Your GP will not be informed that you have taken the test and your results will not appear on your medical records.

Before returning your test to us, you will have completed the Test Order Form. This form includes a tear off verification slip which you must keep as it details your Unique Reference Number (URN). Your URN is needed for you to access your results. Users who do not have their URN when retrieving results will not be granted access.

You should receive your results 7 working days after posting your sample. If you have not received your results within this time, please contact our customer services team.

Results will be supplied by the delivery method you have selected on the Test Order Form – telephone, email.

Please note that for telephone results, the Confidante team will not leave a voicemail detailing your results. We will telephone to inform you that your results are ready, and can arrange a suitable time for a follow-up call. If you have any other question on how it works, contact our team today.

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